It is common knowledge that there are things in our water that are bad for us. One of them is fluoride but it is by no mean the only thing. There is lead, pharmaceutical waste, pesticide, textile contaminants, chlorine and many more things. Drinking or cooking with tap water is generally a bad idea. Most bottled waters contain fluoridewater as well, so drinking them is not only a waste of money, it’s pointless unless they are purified with reverse osmosis. You can buy a system to remove contaminants but most do not remove fluoride. A reverse osmosis filtration system will remove fluoride but they are pretty expensive.

Peter Brabeck, the CEO of Nestle was recently caught on video saying he believes water should not be a public right. He also said GMO foods are safe and that organic food is not best. Considering this frightening attitude and how much bottled water already costs, it is time to look into ways of purifying your own drinking water. The best answer seems to be steam distilled water. It is pure H20 with absolutely nothing else in it. I have to say that after I started drinking distilled water, I did feel better. Like noticeably better. The optimum situation would be to have a distilling system in your house and keep the water in a glass container. We are still working toward this at my house. In the meantime we buy distilled water at the store. We consider this a stopgap measure, because distilled water really should not be kept in plastic bottles. One of the reasons it is so awesome is that it will bond to any toxins in your system and flush them out. Because it’s so “absorbent” though, it should not be kept in anything that could leach, like plastic.

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