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Dance Therapy & Positive Energy Meditation


Build a Zen Garden in Your Backyard


One of the most useful and beautiful things you can add to your backyard or property is a Zen garden. In fact, I’m writing this article from mine right now. As you can see, you don’t need a huge budget or a lot of property to make a serene respite from the world. You can even build a Zen garden indoors.

Now, I would love to add a fountain, a nice statue, some tile accents and lots of other things but as you can see my Zen garden looks pretty good even without them. The only things I’ve added that are not visible in the picture above are an aromatherapy burner and a tabletop tiki torch to keep away bugs and enhance the ambience. I will be adding a vintage bathtub in the future. That I refuse to compromise on.

I created mine in a shady spot so that I didn’t have to worry about the sun beating down on me while I’m out here. I felt it was very important for all of the elements to be represented in mine as well, but yours can contain absolutely anything you want. Mine also contains a cot which aids in meditation and doubles as a massage table when my husband or myself are feeling a little indulgent. This can be folded up easily and put away so that the mats can be utilized for sitting meditation.

There are lots of different things you can add to your Zen garden and lots of different ways you can make it appealing and attractive, but the most important thing is that it fill you with relaxation when you use it. Whether you use it for meditation, spiritual journeying or even just for a 10 minute time out during the day, relaxation and serenity is the most important part of any Zen garden.

If you have a Zen garden, I would love to hear your ideas or see pictures of what’s in it!



Free Yoga Classes Online

Courtesy of, a 14 week course taking you from absolute starry-eyed beginner at yoga to intermediate student.

Absolute beginner classes:

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Why Meditate? Meditation, Anxiety & Other Problems

Meditation often conjures up ideas of swamis sitting cross-legged amidst burning incense or New Agers chanting among healing crystals but the truth is that meditation has been used as far back as 1500 BC and that many clinical studies suggest that it is extremely beneficial for any number of physical and mental ailments, particularly those known as “disorders of arousal” such as anxiety and panic disorders,  and also things that involve chronic pain.

Meditation has many physical, spiritual and mental benefits and there are many ways to do it. It isn’t always just sitting on a pillow and not moving. There are ‘moving meditations’ such as tai chi or yoga and ones which use sound such as chanting or rhythmic drumming. There are many types of meditation as well, so just because one particular type has not worked for you does not mean that none will or that you can’t ever meditate. Meditation is about more than just calming and relaxation. It is a state of being which enables us to achieve better awareness, both of ourselves and of the world around us.

Think about your health. Most people know more about how their car or computer works than their own body! This is very unfortunate. For far too long, people have been willing to hand the responsibility of their health and wellbeing over to virtual strangers rather than take any responsibility for it themselves. But doctors treat symptoms, not causes of the symptoms and because of that, we so often suffer chronic problems and illnesses which do not go away. We are the caretakers of our own health and ultimately we are responsible for it.

Let us pretend you suffer from panic disorder or anxiety. The doctor will prescribe pills in order to treat this symptom (and regardless of what anyone tells you, anxiety is a symptom, not an illness). The doctor has not really delved into what is causing your anxiety (which could be many things including: diet, mismanagement of stress, environmental causes, an underlying mental illness or condition, an underlying physical illness or condition and more); they are simply treating a symptom. Maybe your anxiety will go away with these pills and maybe it won’t but the cause of your anxiety is not even being addressed. Worse, you are damaging your body with bio-reactive chemicals which may or may not be safe. Many drugs are deemed safe, only to be recalled later after they have caused terrible damage to people. Or maybe the drug controls your anxiety but causes other harmful side-effects.

People with panic disorder and anxiety have reported significant benefits from meditation, essential oil/aromatherapy treatment and other holistic treatment – and studies have confirmed this – but your doctor will probably never recommend any of it to you. He will instead prescribe chemicals to treat a symptom caused by something which he does not even attempt to address or discover. The “anxiety epidemic” is a million-dollar industry. You are responsible for your own health and wellbeing. Don’t be a passenger on this ride anymore.

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