Garlic Butter Noodles

3 cloves of garlic, crushed (less if you like)

1 cup water

1 cup milk

4 tbsp butter (you can use less but I like alot)

Any kind of noodles you like. You could also use rice or potatoes



Chicken bouillon

Over med-low heat in a medium saucepan melt the butter and sautee the garlic in it. Once it is brown around the edges, add basil, oregano and chicken bouillon (as much or as little as you like). Add the milk, then the water. Add noodles, rice or potatoes and turn the heat up to medium. Cook until noodles, rice or potatoes are done and most of the liquid is gone. Taste as it is cooking and add herbs or seasonings to taste. If too strong, just add a bit more water.

*If you don’t want to use chicken bouillon, you can add parmesan or another type of cheese for a nice alfredo-type sauce.

Roasted red potatoes: cut into chunks with the skin left on. Toss with olive oil and place in a roasting pan with onions. Add some fresh basil, season with rosemary, thyme and garlic powder. Pepper or paprika is nice on these as well. Roast at 350 for 45 minutes or until tender. If you are worried about the potatoes drying out, you can add a little bit of water in the bottom of the pan. Chicken bouillon or broth added to these makes them that much tastier.

Green beans: lightly sauteed with onions and almond slices. Add a pinch of garlic powder, a dash of pepper and some fresh basil. A bit of grated lemon peel or a squeeze of lemon juice adds some zing.

Carmelized apples, carrots & onions: slice carrots, apples and onions, then put into a pan with about 1-2 tbsp of butter on low to medium heat and cook until tender. This can take awhile and also depends on how tender you like them. Add a generous helping of brown sugar and simmer until sugar/butter sauce has reduced.