Barefoot Savages


You’ve probably heard of composting toilets, but what exactly are they? Basically, they are toilets that convert our waste into compost. It sounds complicated – or maybe disgusting, but it isn’t either of those things. Regardless of whether you buy one for $1500 or make one for less than $20, composting toilets all work the same way.

It is a concept that a lot of people are resistant to, but that’s because it’s not what anyone is used to. We are taught to disregard our waste and leave it to other people to take care of it, but this is actually irresponsible of us. Most of that water ends up back in our homes coming out of the faucet filled with chemicals. Not sure about you, but that’s not a particularly appetizing idea to us. A friend of ours works in wastewater treatment and we are now more sure than…

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