wood stove types of wood

By Rich M

With the current propane shortage in the United States, interest in wood-burning stoves has increased. Although wood burning stoves may not heat a home as efficiently as a propane powered central heating system, they are simple, reliable and easy to operate. Even in a power outage, you can count on a wood-burning stove to keep your home toasty warm.

The EPA has recently cracked down on wood-burning stove emissions, setting tighter standards for particulate emissions. This has led to a number of stoves being pulled off the market for not meeting these new regulations. Even so, there are still a fair number of models available on the market, with new EPA compliant ones coming out all the time. So there is little risk that wood-burning stoves will be totally banned, making them one of the best possible choices for emergency heating.

While there are many people who…

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