Survival Gardening -- The Native-American Way

By Susan Patterson Off The Grid News

They survived without the modern tools we have today, on only the land, instinct and the knowledge that their ancestors passed down to them. They respected the land and it yielded for them; they were stewards. Their goal was not to overcome nature, but rather to learn how to work with it, while preserving the earth for future generations.

While you may know that Native-Americans domesticated potatoes, corn and tomatoes, you may also think that their gardening stopped there — that they were mostly hunters and gatherers. But this simply is not the case.

Native-Americans can teach us much about green living and sustainable agriculture — things that even the smallest home gardener can apply.

Let’s examine a few of their methods.

Three Sisters

One of the most commonly used Native-American gardening techniques was Three Sisters. This method involved planting corn, squash…

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