children survival skills

By Jenifer Jost

The kids in my neighborhood are old enough to run in a pack, but young enough that they keep grown-ups on radar. They may head out on bikes and skateboards for a time, but return to circle any present adult in a four-foot radius, like coyotes surrounding a carcass. For moms, this means many, many summer days of herding the pack into energy-burning activities.

Summer vacation is a good opportunity to teach kids basic survival skills. From growing food to first aid, kids love survival lessons. Make up your own list of activities, but give them enough leeway to experiment. Their ideas might surprise you.

1. Gardening

When I started a garden club for kids, I worried if they would act too rowdy and destroy the plants, if they’d give up, or if I’d end up doing all the work. As it turned out, even the kids…

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