Long Term Drinking Water Storage

By Ken Jorgustin

Water is THE most important resource for survival. Period. We take it for granted that we will always have a supply of water to drink at our disposal and we barely give it a second thought to take precautions and perhaps store some of it for a SHTF scenario…

I often hear the following questions:
“How long will water last if I store it?”
“How long until water goes bad?”

My response to that is…
Water is water, is water.
Water does not go bad in and of itself.

It is the contamination that gets in it that can make it go bad.
How long you can store it depends on if you are letting contaminants get in, or ‘grow’ in it.

The key to successfully storing drinking water for long-term storage is…

1. Starting with good pure clean water
2. A good clean safe…

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