By Ruby Burks – Ready Nutrition

There’s a misperceptions shared by some that farmers have it pretty easy, relatively speaking, in the winter months compared to the high production summer months.  This isn’t exactly true.  Summertime means longer daylight hours and more time spent working outside, but the short days of winter carry their own responsibilities.

We’re expecting several consecutive days of winter storm warnings here in the Sierras, and that means that with the exception of feeding and watering the livestock and keeping a watchful eye on the goats who are showing signs of kidding soon, we won’t be outside working if we can help it.  Sure, there’s always a chance that a limb (or worse, the entire tree) will drop and take down a fenceline, but for the most part, if we’ve done our fall prepping right, everything and everyone should be able to sit out the storm…

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