Organic herbal teas by Artisan Orchard are specially crafted and carefully custom-blended using herbs and flowers known for their therapeutic properties, our herbal teas are both delicious and beneficial. Best of all, they are organic, non-GMO, vegetarian/vegan, compostable, hand-crafted and caffeine-free!

Zzzz Tea: A fragrant blend of flowers and herbs renowned over centuries for their relaxing and sleep-promoting properties, Zzzz Tea is perfect at the end of the day.

Sick & Tired Tea: Formulated from herbs and flowers specifically used for hundreds of years to fight colds, flu and to boost the immune system, Sick & Tired is the best for when you are not feeling well. Enjoy one to two cups a day until you feel better. You can also enjoy some to boost your immune system when you aren’t sick.

Anxi-a-Tea: Crafted from herbs and flowers used since the beginnings of herbal medicine for their relaxing properties, Anxi-a-Tea helps take the edge off in a big way. Can be enjoyed any time of day, even in the morning.

Lo-Tea: Created with flowers and herbs chosen for their proven ability to lower blood pressure, Lo-Tea is crafted to help promote and maintain low blood pressure numbers. Because of it’s fantastic ability to lower blood pressure, Lo-Tea should not be used more than once a day until you see how it will affect you.

Stomach Ease Tea: Using herbs and plants very well-known for their ability to ease stomach pains and problems, Stomach Ease can be enjoyed any time of day.

Sampler: This package contains 4 bags each of our Zzzz, Sick & Tired, Anxi-a-Tea, & Stomach Ease teas.

All blends: 20 single-use tea bags, $7.00 + $3.00 S&H. Please address payment to g.m.mann33@gmail.com via PayPal or order through Etsy