4 Simple Food Preservation Methods That Don’t Involve Canning

By Ash Stevens Off The Grid News

Canning is practiced by grandmothers and mothers all over America. The sterilization of high heat and pressurization has made it the safe and preferred preservation of Americans for generations, but some people aren’t interested in spending hours over a stove for cupboards precariously stacked with jars of heat-compromised nutrients. And we don’t have to! We can use our garden through the winter months and it won’t require us to buy a fancy pan or convert our crawl space into an apple butter pantry.

1. Fermentation

Fermentation is an age-old practice that involves little more than salt, water and a dark corner. Everything from soy sauce and sauerkraut to kimchi and tofu is thanks to a nice long probiotic bath. It’s so simple it seems too good to be true, but there’s a reason for its popularity across the world.

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