Thrifty Healthy Blessed

This blog is ALL about how to save money. I want to teach you how to live daily saving money so you can keep the big things big (retirement, wedding, college, giving), and the small things small (eating out, doing laundry, paying bills) while enjoying life and the blessing of friends and family. I will teach how to save on groceries, what insurances you need (and how not to get ripped off), how to shed that spare tire around your middle without killing yourself in the gym or alienating yourself from all social functions including family dinner or spending a mint at the grocery store (in the process you will probably lower your cholesterol, balance your hormones, and stop diabetes and premature aging in its’ tracks!).

Let’s start off with something simple. Have 5 minutes? I could save you over $300 per year in detergent, and over $200 at least…

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