Successful Heirloom Gardening With NO Rain

By Susan Patterson

No matter where you live you are likely to face any number of gardening challenges, and many involve unfavorable weather conditions such as drought. While there are many kinds of gardens, one that is gaining a great deal of attention lately to combat drought conditions is known as a keyhole garden.

The keyhole gardening concept originated in Africa and was started by a humanitarian organization who wanted to help find a gardening style that was suitable for extremely hot and dry conditions. According to those helping with the garden project in Africa, three keyhole gardens produce enough food to feed a family of 10 for a year.

Gardeners in unforgiving climates throughout the United States such as Texas and Arizona are now catching on to the unique nature of keyhole gardening and taking advantage of the growing opportunities it provides.

What is the Keyhole Concept

Keyhole gardens…

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