friesSo the family was playing a game and I wanted to make a snack that everyone would like. But what? There wasn’t much to choose from and I did not feel like making something really labor intensive. Then it dawned on me: homemade french fries. Why do I not make these more often?? I guess I felt they were difficult. So not difficult. Dude, seriously. Easy. Fast. Delicious.

You just take some organic sunflower oil and a large potato or two. Put the oil in your deep fryer or a heavy bottomed pot and heat it to about 325F or so. Cut the potatoes into fries and drop them in. Don’t overcrowd; you’ll probably have to cook them in batches. Cook 3-6 minutes, depending on how crispy you like them, season and serve. Make them as fancy or as plain as you like. Seriously the fastest, easiest snack ever!

Notes: Some people soak the fries in cold water for a few hours before cooking. I personally don’t but you can. Some people also remove them from the oil after the first round of frying, turn the oil up to around 400F and fry them again. I also don’t do that (I like mushy ones) but again, you can. And if you have the money to splurge, try frying them in peanut oil. Yum!!