This year was a tight one for Christmas. We only really had money for the kids, but we wanted to give my mom and aunt something, too because they help us out a lot. I have A LOT of glass jars laying around; mason jars, old peanut butter and mayonnaise jars… I started thinking I could probably do something with them. Here is what I came up with.

Angel Snow Globe:



This one is super-easy. You take an old glass jar with a lid, a figurine of your choosing, some glitter, some liquid glycerine and some distilled water. Glue the figurine to the lid of your jar as you see here. When it’s dry, fill the jar almost all the way up with water and add a bit of glycerine. Put in your glitter and put the lid on. Done! You can paint the lid, or cover it with some nice fabric. You could paint some stencils or a message on the glass, like “Merry Christmas!” Very cute and a lot of fun.

Oil Lamp:


Another super-easy one. Take a jar with a metal lid and punch a hole in it with a nail. Fill the jar about 1/2 way full of either lamp or natural oil (I used grapeseed oil). Drop a wick in there and pull it through the hole. Decorate your jar and voila! Done. Very cute and these do work.

Glass-encased Decorative Knick-Knack:

little tree

This is just like the snow globe, just without the water. Even easier. Glue your figurine to the lid, place it back on the jar and cover the lid with some pretty fabric. Done! As you can see, it’s beautiful and very simple.

Lacy Lanterns:


These are pretty and functional. I made them by cutting some pieces out of a pair of old lacy curtains and securing them around the jars with elastic, then putting some tea lights in them and lighting them. Beautiful!