We’ve all heard the stories: cannabis oil cures cancer. (If you’ve not heard the stories, look them up. There are many. Mothers have even faced jail time for curing their children’s cancer and other problems.) If you’ve looked into this with any depth, one name you probably heard many times was “Rick Simpson.” Rick Simpson is known as the man who (re) discovered the cure for cancer: cannabis oil.

The key is a high CBD [cannabidiol] content. Hemp oil will not work; the CBD content is just too low. According to a story in SFWeekly, a successful level of CBD in oil that fights cancer must be high, in some cases over 10%. The THC content in these oils is generally very high as well; the article referenced above quotes the dispenser as stating her oil content is over 70% THC. THC is the active compound in marijuana that gets you high. Hemp oil (which is not produced using marijuana and contains no THC at all) has many health benefits but it is simply too weak to help fight or cure cancer, with most available oils containing less than 5% CBD and many containing less than 2%. Oils that do contain high levels of CBD are very expensive. The distiller/dispenser in the article above charges $5,500 for a two months’ supply. That is not affordable for, well… anyone. There are some online but consider this product, advertised as pure CBD oil with 7% content in a handy syringe. The cost is 17.90 EUR. It’s much higher CBD content than you normally find online and 17.90 EUR doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize that it’s only one dose. You’d need 30 for a month. That comes to over 500 EUR. That’s almost $700! Once again, the cures are only for the rich.

Here is where we start talking about Rick Simpson again. Rick Simpson does not sell cannabis oil. If you have been told that or if you’ve seen the ads online, don’t fall for it. Rick Simpson does not sell cannabis oil. What Rick does do is tell you how to make your own oil and cure yourself. And here is how you do that: Make The Medicine.

Of interest: http://www.cureyourowncancer.org/