Spring is here at long last. We had a thunderstorm yesterday!! In keeping with the rebirth and renewal that goes along with Spring, think about things you can do to start anew. Maybe kick a old bad habit, or start a new good one. Maybe throw out/re-purpose old clothes and get/make some new ones. There are a million things you can do, including good old Spring Cleaning.

For myself, among kicking some old habits, I have decided to go for a rather dramatic change. Change doesn’t always have to be hard and scary. It can be fun, too! From a blonde to a redhead. (I know, it’s not natural. But every once in a great while you have to take a risk. Also, a note: Since I have been using natural shampoo so long, the dye did not burn my scalp as it always did when I used to dye my hair years ago.)


sin hair2