The biggest roadblock to home-schooling and homesteading is money. People don’t have enough money to stay home from work and run a homestead or home-school their child. Work-at-home jobs are always scams, right? Or are they?

I have been looking at these jobs for years and there are a few legitimate ones. Some you can do as a freelance independent contractor and some require you to be an employee of theirs. None of these are big money and unless you are completely self-sufficient already, they would not be enough to support your family. However, if all you need is supplemental income, these would be great.

First, the legit work at home companies. There are four that I personally know of: West At Home, Cloud 10, Working Solutions and Alpine Access. West At Home is one of the best of these but they have restrictions on some regional areas. So does Alpine Access. Most of these have to do with inbound call type of work, like sales and customer service. It’s hourly pay, like a regular job. If you can get on with one of these, that’s good. I worked with Working Solutions on two different projects. Wonderful company. You will need your own office equipment to work with these companies, including a phone with a headset. Quality does matter here. This is the one I use. It’s excellent.

Second, there are all kinds of transcription services that outsource to home-based contractors. That’s you. All you have to do is listen to people talking and type what they say. It’s harder than it sounds but probably easier than you think. There are too many of these to list. Just do a search for them. You’ll find a bunch.

There are also websites like, and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program. These are sites where companies and individuals post projects or assignments and you do them based on your qualifications. I have personally tried Freelancer and MTurk and been paid by both so I can tell you from my own experience that they are legit and they do pay. If you are a decent writer or good at transcription, you can actually make good money on these sites.

Try a few, see if it works out for you and let me know what works for you. I’m always looking for legit work at home opportunities too.