As the year wears on and things get more and more unacceptable here in this country, I have been thinking more and more about moving to Alaska. (Yes, Alaska is still part of the U.S. but it is not part of the continental U.S.) I’ve wanted to move to Alaska since I was a kid; it’s got everything I love. It’s beautiful, it’s rugged, it’s got the beach and kenaithe mountains. It’s got wildlife, it’s got meadows. It’s got everything. So I’ve decided that it’s time to make my dream a reality.

I’m looking at Homer, on the Kenai Peninsula. It is a bigger city (for Alaska) but still affordable, unlike Anchorage or Juneau. My goal is to move to Alaska and stay closer to the city at first until I am certain that I can survive on a homestead and then transition to a more remote location. It is not an easy life and it is not for everyone; just because you want to do something doesn’t mean you can do it. We purchased a home here in the Pittsburgh area which we are rehabbing and will then rent out, so we do have something to come back to if we cannot make it in Alaska.

The plan is for my husband and mother to work (we are planning to take the whole family) so that I can take care of the gardening, animals and home chores since I know the most about those things. We plan on growing as much food as possible, raising chickens and owning a cow for fresh milk. We will also be hunting. Not fishing though; the ocean is far too dirty to eat any fish from any body of water, especially with what is going on in Japan.

This is not something that can happen overnight; it is a many-step project that will require a lot of money to succeed. It requires months of research, preparation, planning, double-checking, commitment and it still might not work. But the very first step is to decide to do it and we have.