This blog is dedicated to fighting the food wars and the growing need to be educated about what is in our food and water, and just more educated in general. It follows my own struggles to be informed and make informed choices about what I eat, and about my attempts to live a much more simpler life in a complex world.

We all need to be more informed about what we are eating, first and foremost. Every single thing, every single day. To quote Joel Salatin, ”Most doctorfoods sold these days are irradiated, amalgamated, prostituted, reconstituted, adulterated, modified, and artificially-flavored, extruded, bar-coded, un-pronounceable things.” This has harmed our physical and mental health in so many ways. We need to first investigate the causes of our illnesses before accepting more chemicals to treat them,especially psychiatric illness or problems. A lot of illness is the body reacting to the garbage that is already poisoning it. Taking more poisons on top of that helps nothing. My own struggles have proven this to me.

The trouble is, most people won’t look more closely at the food they eat and even if they do, they won’t make any real changes in their diet. The simple truth is, they just don’t want to. They think that health comes out of a bottle they get from the doctor, or they don’t really think what we eat and drink has that much of an effect on how they feel or their health. I myself never really thought about it until recent years. Now I cannot imagine being any other way. It really does matter and it matters a lot. I always say it like this: If you put the wrong fuel into your car’s gas tank, how long will it run right? Not long at all. You have to use the right fuel for any machine or eventually you will break it.

I came to a point where I thought I had Multiple Sclerosis. I really did, because for 15 years I had so many of these terrible symptoms and they all fit. Some days I could not get out of bed, literally. I had horrible crawling, burning, itching sensations on my skin, muscle aches and injuries for no reason, shortness of breath… I’d feel like I was going to pass out just from getting up to go to the bathroom. Some days I thought that if I had to live the rest of my life feeling like that, I’d rather just die. Once I moved away from the DC Metro area, I stopped eating processed foods. I eat organic everything as much as possible, no processed meats at all, no corn, no soy, hardly any breads at all (just biscuits here and there that I make myself with organic flour) and drink only distilled water. I lost over 20lbs and my symptoms virtually disappeared in less than 3 months. Gone! I feel better than I have in years. I am never going back to that. Ever.

pharmacy100 years ago, people ate so much better but they died of things we easily cure now. What if we could take the nutrition from 100 years ago and couple that with medical advancements of today? Think how much healthier we would be. That is my goal. I have made the house as chemical-free as possible as well and use natural remedies and medicines for many things. Small steps but they are making all the difference.