My husband and I are looking into repository property here in Pennsylvania and we have noticed there are A LOT of vacant lots just sitting theregarden-copy that could be bought for literally just a few hundred dollars. All you have to do is pay the tax sales clerk the money and you own it. Think of all the community gardens these could be! Ugly vacant lots turned into beautiful gardens with vegetables and flowers and lots and lots of honeybees. If you have a few hundred dollars that aren’t working too hard, think about it. Look into it. We can all make a difference!

If you are not familiar, a repository property is a house or land that was taken (usually for failure to pay taxes), put up for auction and did not sell at auction so it is now available for a very low price. Some have been on the list for years and the city just wants it back on the tax roll. Most are parcels sitting between houses or at the end of blocks. Some used to have structures on them but now don’t. You have to get approval from the city for a community garden, so check into it before you buy a parcel.