When you start eating organic and cutting out chemicals, it’s not that much of a stretch to wonder about the rest of your house. And once I started dandelionthinking about it, I realized how many there actually are in my home. Soaps, sprays, powders, dyes… good Lord, it’s like an industrial waste dump in here. Had to cut some of that down. I started with the cleaning products. I now make my own soap, for myself and for the laundry and dishes. It’s much easier than you think and it’s way cheaper than buying it.  You can use castile soap for both! Most recipes call for liquid castile soap but the bars are cheaper and can be melted down pretty easily. I have even used plain old Ivory, in a pinch. I use Kirk’s castile mostly though. I know everyone likes Dr. Bronner’s and I do too, but Kirk’s is cheaper and it’s made out of coconut oil, which I adore. Dr. Bronner’s is 1 bar for about $4. Kirk’s is 3 bars for the same price. And for me, modern pioneering is not just about being natural but economical, too. Gotta save money.

I use water, vinegar and lemon to wash the floor, with a few drops of tea tree oil. Consider how much a bottle of Lysol costs and natural wins every time. It also smells better and I don’t worry about my kids or my pets walking on it when it’s wet. It’s great on glass too, and will also kill mold, mildew and germs. I found a good-sized bottle of pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil at Wal-Mart for about $4. That’s gallons worth of cleaning power, between the tea tree oil and the castile soap for less than $10. Vinegar is ridiculously cheap as well.

People have been convinced that if it is not a harsh chemical, it isn’t clean. This is just not true and besides that, tea tree oil is plenty harsh enough to clean and kill all the germs. You’ll know that as soon as you smell it. In fact, the “pine scent” in Pine-Sol is derived from tea tree oil! So cut out the middle man and just use it directly. It’s cheaper, safer and better for your home.

Next there were all the hygiene products: soap, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, facial scrubs, toners, moisturizers, lotions, deodorant… read the backs of those bottles one time and see how many chemicals you are slathering yourself with. The skin is our largest organ and it’s porous. That means it absorbs everything we put on it. Think about that and remember all the chemicals you just read. Yuck! I make all of those things myself now. It’s cheaper and it’s better for you. They work just as well, too, by the way.

I am now attempting to rid my home of all pharmaceuticals as well. If you have a serious infection or illness, of course, you should always go to the doctor. But you don’t need to reach for a pill bottle for every little thing. Many things can be cured or treated using simple natural remedies. Coughs, colds, warts, cuts that don’t require stitches, headaches, heartburn, acne, dry skin, eczema… the list is long. Check into it! It’s worth it for yourself and your family.

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