You guys know I’m a big fan of “repurposing” and recycling. Thrift stores can be invaluable in this regard. For example, today I went to the thrift store. I kitchenbought glass decanters and containers for my vinegars, oils, soaps, etc., 2 ceramic baking dishes (medium & large sized), a cheese grater and a cast iron skillet. All of this cost me less than $10.00. It’s all about economizing and the thrift store is the best way to do that. You can also buy clothes there, furniture and many other things. They had so many things I wanted but $10 was my limit today so I got what I could.

Taken individually, the skillet itself would be more than $10 brand new. For that alone, I’d have paid more. It needs seasoning but that is not a problem. I paid $1.00 for it at the thrift store. The rest of these things were less than $1.00 except the large brown pan. That was $1.50.