You’d like to think education has advanced in the past 100 years, right? Yeah, not according to this recently-unearthed exam for 8th graders from Bullitt1912-exam-tk-130809-16x9-608-jpg_142228 County, Kentucky. The test covers 8 subjects: spelling, reading, arithmetic, grammar, geography, physiology, civil government and history. The questions are surprisingly difficult and seem to show a commitment to education that does not exist these days.

Some of the questions include asking students to define the cerebrum and cerebellum, differentiate between copyright and patent rights, and define each part of speech in the English language. Others ask during which wars were the following battles fought: Brandywine, Great Meadows, Lundy’s Lane, Antietam, Buena Vista, and for students to sketch briefly Sir Walter Raleigh & Peter Stuyvesant.

These are almost shocking questions in a time when some high school students cannot tell time using a regular clock, or answer the question, “How many ounces are in a pint?” The education system is failing our children. In it’s quest to level the playing field, it is rolling many of our children downhill. Students google the answers in class and when teachers try to stop them or give failing grades for it, they are sued! Parents have got to understand: you are failing your children. Take the phones and laptops away. Make them go outside and play. Make them get sunshine and exercise. Stop feeding them fluoride and chemicals! The average kid today is a 250lb video game addict. This has got to stop.

Our children are our most valuable resource. They will inherit the earth. Let’s make sure they can handle it.