As I mentioned on the Favorite Foods page, the type of cookware you use matters. A lot. I have phased out all nonstick and aluminum. I use only glass, stainless steel and cast iron now, for the past two years or so. I love them each but MAN, when it comes to cleaning! AWFUL! You can use steel wool on these but still, it takes some elbow grease to get them clean. These are the best things to use, from what I can gather. They do not leach toxic chemicals into your food or release fumes from the nonstick coating (google “Teflon sickness” or polymer fume fever). What’s the point of all this healthy food if we’re just going to cook it in something toxic? Cast iron is my favorite. Simply season and it’s ready! Aluminum and nonstick should really be avoided. Good glass, steel or cast iron cookware will last years and years. If you don’t have a lot of time to cook, I’ve got two words for you: crock pot. Put whatever you want to eat in it, turn it on, go to work or whatever you do and then come home to a done dinner. It’s that easy. Not just soups and stews, either. Roasts and a lot of other great cuts of meat turn out fabulously in the crock pot.

If you must use nonstick pans or aluminum, it is best to keep them at a lower temperature. I never heated mine over MEDIUM when I used them. Not only can it make you sick, it can kill your feathered friends if they are anywhere near it. To me, that is enough of a reason not to use these at all.

And I will reiterate again: The microwave should be avoided at all costs. I don’t use it for anything, not even heating up water. The microwave apparently kills the nutrients in your food. And even if it doesn’t, who wants that much radiation in their home anyway? Don’t we get enough with the tv, the computer, the laptop, the tablets, the cellphone? We are drowning in it every day. The microwave is great for convenience but it’s bad for health.