We are all aware of the sad plight of battery hens in factory farming and many of us pledge to eat cage-free and farm fresh. However, though the chickens might be happier eggs(and that is a big deal to me), you still want to make sure that you are eating eggs and meat that is the best for you. Chickens were not really meant to eat grain as their main diet. They are foragers, which means they eat what they find on the ground. This includes bugs and other insects. Chickens and livestock in general are fed grain because it’s cheap and it fattens them up. But as followers of the paleo diet know, grain is not that great for the human body. If it’s fed to livestock to fatten them up (including beef and pork), what do you think it’s doing to you? Not to mention the problems people are having with wheat and gluten these days. And of course, there is the whole GMO thing, which is the reason I cut so many commercial breads out of my diet. I don’t necessarily advocate removal of all breads and grains from your diet, but I think cutting back on them is a good idea.

Here is a simple infographic that shows which type of eggs come from which type of chickens. It’s best to eat pasture raised if you can, but every improvement makes lives better, for you and the animals. :)