Found a fabulous recipe on for homemade garlic powder that I wanted to share. Buying organic spices is so expensive! Here at the better grocery stores you can buy an organic basil plant that will continue to grow (or dill, mint, etc.) but usually most people buy their driedGarlic-powder-recipe-home-made4 spices. Here is a super-easy process that eliminates that for garlic and onion powders. Visit the website linked above for other fabulous ideas.


Garlic cloves – 1 Cup [ or use as much as you like]

1. Peel garlic and dry under sun for 2 days.  [You can slice cloves if they are large]

2. Grind peeled and dried garlic in a mixer, food processor or coffee grinder and pulse for 2-3 minutes until it becomes smooth paste.  Don’t pulse more than 30 seconds at a time.

~ Don’t panic if you see garlic has become paste instead of powder, we have little more work to make paste into powder.

3. Take a plastic sheet or clean thin cotton cloth and spread garlic spread in very thin layer(spread garlic paste over plastic sheet or cloth evenly), dry under sun for 4-5 days.   Garlic paste will be become like thin crackers/pieces and it will come out of sheet or cloth easily.

~ If you break and crush between fingers garlic dried pieces (crackers) will become powder.  If you feel it’s still little wet or forming lumps instead of powder then you have to dry for 1-2 days again.  Repeat the test until you get powder consistency.

4. Collect all dried garlic pieces and pulse again for 1-2 minutes in a dry mixer or food processor this time not more than 15 seconds for each pulse.  You will get your very own garlic powder.

5. Spread powder on a sheet/cloth or paper and dry under sun for 1 hour; don’t dry too long or powder will start to form lumps.

~ We do this to remove any moisture from grinding.

6. Store in air tight jar/container and keep in the refrigerator.

1. Instead of sun drying you can dry peeled garlic in oven.  Preheat oven to 150 and toast garlic pieces until completely dry, stir in regular intervals.  After it cools down grind into powder and go to step 5. You could also use a dehydrator.

You can also make onion powder the exact same way. Enjoy!