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See that picture? Notice anything… odd about it? Like maybe how all of those people who used to work for Monsanto now work for the federal government and vice versa? How then can you trust anything they say about GMO and biotech foods? Simple: you can’t. When you combine the government’s shady history and Monsanto’s, you have a truly evil conglomeration at work here.

It’s all for profit. Monsanto has consistently ignored safety and health consumers and it’s own workers, having paid hundreds of millions of dollars in damages already for poisoning people in various way, including dumping literally tons of industrial waste into the environment for more than 40 years. Thanks to them, PCBs are now busily poisoning people everywhere. (If you live anywhere near Sauget, Illinois you should know that it used to be called Monsanto, Illinois. You should look into that.) Foods containing GMO are…

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