I’m not here to preach. I smoke, too. I know, I know… what’s up with the healthy living thing and smoking at the same time? But I’m not perfect and don’t claim to be. I have always believed that it is the additives and added chemicals in tobacco that cause cancer anyway. After all, they are all the same additives and chemicals that are in our food. Maybe I’ll end up being wrong about that but I don’t actually think I’ll ever find out, because if I did end up with cancer, considering what we eat, drink and breathe, how the hell would I ever know what caused it? Cigarettes are too convenient of a scapegoat. More importantly, I choose to smoke, even knowing the risks. I don’t choose to have poison put in my food without even being told it’s in there or how it can hurt me.

Now follows the big “but.” I do smoke but I do not smoke American cigarettes or tobacco. I smoke imported additive-free tobacco from Denmark. That makes me sound all fancy and high falutin but it’s cheaper than a carton of Marlboros and it is not FSC, which is why I started smoking it in the first place. Regardless of GMOs, the new FSC regulations for cigarettes have caused people a lot of problems. I was one of them. The FSC cigarettes gave me vicious headaches, I felt dizzy, nauseated and sick all day long. They tasted awful. I googled it and realized I was not the only one. They were making a lot of people sick. So I switched and I have never smoked another FSC cigarette again. If I run out of tobacco, I will just go without until I get more rather than buying a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. Just the thought of smoking them turns my stomach, literally.

According to Natural Cures, Not Medicine, the TRUE driving force of the cigarette addiction could possibly be that the 4,000-plus chemicals, which are comprised of pesticide and different super-strength herbicides, cause a “hangover” which beckons for relief.

GMO tobacco means that scientists in labs are injecting or infusing the genes of bacteria from the DNA of other living things into the seeds of the tobacco plant.GMO tobacco also means that pesticide and herbicide are inside the tobacco plant, and that farmers who use GM pesticides are spraying up to TEN TIMES MORE RoundUp and other poisons on the crop, adding exponentially to the toxicity of the smoker’s nightmare, where these bug and weed killers are mixed with bacteria in the lungs, the heart and the brain, compounding the inability of the pack-a-day smoker to ever quit the habit.

This translates into irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and leaky gut syndrome for humans. This is digestion and lung destruction. This is prostate and bladder cancer. These mutations are birth defects being generated in food and tobacco. See how quickly it all adds up? And what is prescribed later for pesticide disease (cancer)? Chemotherapy. Chemo is just more chemicals for that chemically driven disease.

Farmers could use diatomaceous earth to kill these pests, if they only knew about it! Instead, humans are smoking insect and weed killer. When we use pesticides on our lawns or gardens, we’re careful to avoid direct contact whenever possible, and we certainly wouldn’t knowingly breathe pesticides into our lungs, but that’s exactly what smokers do every time they take a drag.

Researchers at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, have identified three previously undetected pesticides in cigarette smoke: (http://www.livescience.com/4083-pesticides-cigarette-smoke.html)

Flumetralin: known to be toxic to humans and is carcinogenic. Flumetralin is an endocrine disruptor and is banned in Europe for use on tobacco. They must not want deformed children and their citizens dying of cancer there.

Pendimethalin: another endocrine disrupter which targets the thyroid specifically. Pendimethalin is carcinogenic and toxic to humans.

Trifluralin: also an endocrine disrupter, toxic to humans and carcinogenic, affecting glands and hormones in the worst ways, hence breast and prostate cancer.

These are approved for use by the EPA, claiming, “No information exists for long-term low-level inhalation exposures to these compounds.” Right, except for ALL THE HUMANS DYING OF CANCER. They are living – and dying – proof that smoking herbicides and pesticides destroys your insides. (http://quitsmoking.about.com/od/chemicalsinsmoke/a/pesticides.htm)

There’s only one “sure fire” way out of the nicotine/pesticide addiction and we all know what it is: quitting. On top of everything else cigarettes do ruin your health and we all know that. If you can’t quit, at least smoke something more natural. There are natural, chemical and additive-free tobaccos out there. I smoked Reds for more than 15 years and now the thought of even touching them sends a chill up my spine. You can switch. Or quit! You’ll be glad you did.